Nothing is impossible, your only limit is yourself!

Florian Noutsos

My name is Florian Noutsos, I am a coach, reiki master and massage therapist. I believe in a holistic approach that addresses all spheres of our lives: physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual in order to find harmony and alignment in our lives.


Previously in a management career at a talent management software publisher and after 4 years of fully investing in the creation of the subsidiary, I discovered during a Vipassana retreat that my life mission on earth was to help people who want to reveal their true nature or sometimes just reconnect with it.

I then embarked on a certification training as a professional coach with the Co-Active training institute. In parallel with my work, I devoted my free time to my training in reiki, massage therapy, as well as to the coaching of my first clients. For a year and a half now and with more than 90 hours of coaching, I have been supporting my clients to reveal their true nature, their full potential, to love, accept and discover or rediscover themselves in order to find what animates them in life.

My unique holistic approach combining Co-Active coaching techniques, Reiki and massage therapy allow me to help my clients to find their true nature, to bring them harmony and alignment in all spheres of their life: physical, psychic , emotional and spiritual.

The experiences of life sometimes lose us in the frenetic pace of it and one day we take the time, we take the time to pause, to think and we wonder if what we are doing makes sense? What is the meaning that I want to give to my life? What is my contribution on this planet, in my community?

What if we come back to the very essence of our being in order to reveal ourselves to ourselves and live in full consciousness?

If all this speaks to you, resonates with you, I invite you to plan a discovery call with me, it will be more than happy to meet you and answer your questions or simply present my approach to you ✨🙏


My certifications / training


Co-Active coach training

Completed in August 2020


Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

In the process of certification


ACC (Associate Certified Coach)

par ICF (Fédération Internationale de Coaching) certifiant + de 100h de coaching


Formation Hypnothérapeute sur la base de la méthode RTT de Marisa Peer

En cours


PQ Coach Certification

In the process of certification