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Do you want to develop your self-confidence ?  do you want to become a different version of yourself? Do you want to prioritize yourself and say no to what is not in alignment with yourself?


I offer you through this individual coaching program to come and work on your fears, your stress and what prevents you from moving forward.

How? 'Or' What?

By working on the 4 pillars of our Being: Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual , we will together reprogram your brain in order to create new neural connections in order to allow you to be the version of yourself that you wish to become.

The first emotions that arise in us when we allow ourselves to think about a different life are fear, judgment, rejection, humiliation, abandonment, etc. I reassure you, it's completely normal. , I myself have been there. And that's a good sign, it means you're stepping out of your comfort zone! Your brain is there to protect you and keep you alive as long as possible, so anything that isn't known or outside the realm of the known is dangerous.


The other aspect we are working on, beliefs. I define the term belief as being a mental process experienced by a person who adheres to a thesis or a hypothesis, so that he considers them to be true, regardless of the facts, or the absence of facts, confirming or invalidating this thesis. or this assumption. Thus, beliefs are often certainties without proof. It is therefore a question of coming to highlight these beliefs in order to challenge them and if it limits us in our transformation, then we will let them go to create new ones.


Finally, a positive state of mind is decisive in a process of transformation. We will therefore determine the weather of your mind in order to strengthen its resilience, its positivism in order to keep only what will serve you and not the other way around.


The tools I use allow me to bring back to consciousness: fears, blockages linked to past events or to childhood in order to come and free them and create the space necessary for renewal. This renewal allows you to come and create in consciousness new beliefs, new neural paths that will be used to reach this new version of you.

How is it going?


Exploratory call

Free meeting to get to know each other, explain the process to you and confirm together if it can meet your expectations .



You will receive by email the contract to be signed electronically. 


1 discovery session

The discovery session is a session of about 90 minutes with a preparatory questionnaire in order to discuss your objectives, to set up our professional relationship (the way of working between the coach and the coachee), the tools that we will use as well as the different stages of our coaching together.


5 sessions of 60 minutes at the rate of 2 sessions per month

where we will move forward together in achieving your goals.

The sessions will be structured according to the progress of your objectives, without a pre-established plan to allow flexibility and adaptation of your needs according to your objectives.

A mid-term and end report will be made.


3 sessions of 60 minutes of neural reprogramming

where we will come to anchor in your unconscious new beliefs that you will have determined at the beginning of the coaching.

These sessions will not only reprogram your brain, they will even reprogram your cells. Which brings complete alignment.

These sessions take place face-to-face.


📲 1 support by WhatsApp between sessions  

where we will move forward together in achieving your goals


🎁 -20% on my treatments

Throughout the duration of your coaching program, you will benefit from an unlimited 20% discount on all my wellness treatments.

Minimum program of 3 months with the possibility of extending following the assessment of the first 6 sessions. The objective is to ensure that we do not create a link of dependence.

definition of coaching

The services provided that I provide are coaching or tele-coaching. Coaching is not consulting, mentoring, therapy or counseling. It is a partnership created between the coach and the coachee, a collaboration in the interest of the coachee for the achievement of the objectives that the coachee has set.

The role of the coach is to support the coachee in the progress of his objectives in cohesion with his values.

Nothing is impossible, your only limit is yourself!

Auteur inconnu

What is Life Transformation Coaching?

Life Transformation Coaching is a journey of personal development, which can be considered personal training for the mind and soul.


I work in partnership with my clients, empowering them and helping them learn to connect with their inner wisdom and resources so they can achieve their personal and professional goals.


I practice the co-active coaching method which involves experiential learning techniques designed to stretch people beyond their comfort zone while integrating learning through the whole body. This form of coaching helps clients identify areas of their lives and thought processes that are not working and create new ones that lead to more authentic and fulfilling lives.

Scientifically, it has been proven that it is possible to rewire our brains by altering our thoughts, through a process called neuroplasticity. However, this can be a difficult process without support, as our brain defaults to our old habits and thought patterns.


Coaching provides a supportive environment in which the coach works with the client to challenge existing thought patterns to help the client cultivate new behaviors.


Es-tu prêt à passer à la version supérieure?

Mon programme de coaching est réservé à des personnes qui:

- en on assez de répéter les mêmes comportements,

- sont prêt.e à se donner les moyens de réussir,

- sont prêt.e à se passer en priorité,

- sont prêt.e à remettre en question leurs croyances,

- sont prêt.e à changer drastiquement leurs habitudes.

Est-ce que tu te reconnais? Si oui, alors je t'invite à réserver ton appel avec moi pour entamer la mise à jour de ton système d'exploitation 👇

Je te partage 3 étapes pour déjouer tes saboteurs

masterclass replay.png

📣 They talk about it


 "I loved my coaching sessions with Florian! I was worried about doing them in virtual mode but I was very surprised to see that we were really connected and present. I recommend a place where you will be able to move, get up, stretch Florian invited me to work with my whole being;  my body, my head, my heart. I felt our sessions through my whole self and felt like I was transforming throughout our sessions. All the sessions helped bring me closer to achieving my goal, which was very ambitious. I called on Florian because I want to reorient my career to achieve a professional dream and I felt that I was stuck…. I procrastinated, I invented excuses not to take action. With Florian, I set the table to be able to receive the main course. He helped me set up the most beautiful table possible to host the main course: my goal. Each session ended with an anchor that still allows me today to take care of this wonderful table that is in me. I have now taken several concrete actions to achieve my professional dream and I am on my way! I warmly recommend Florian for his warmth, his integrity, his presence, his professionalism and this unconditional love for people that makes us feel confident to clear the ground! "

Take back control of your brain and reprogram it  🧠🚀

Who am I?

My name is Florian Noutsos, I'm 31 years old and I live in Montreal. Formerly Director of North America Operations at a software publisher in talent and HR management, I made the choice to completely change career to follow my path of the heart and live fully from my passion.


I am an assumed multi-potential: certified coach, massage therapist, reiki master, meditation guide, speaker and podcaster. And soon hypnotherapist. I am a curious person, who loves to learn new techniques to perfect my practice and the tools that I offer through my programs.


I'm also intuitive, which is something that comes up very frequently. A bit like a superpower, my intuition allows me to read and listen to what is invisible or unsaid.


I thus offer a holistic approach that allows me to accompany you through all spheres of your life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Nothing is impossible, your only limit is yourself!

📣 They talk about it


Amandine Clermon

Florian is a great source of inspiration. His career, his change of professional life, his training… are motivating and make me want to elevate myself. At a turning point in my life, I therefore thought of him to accompany and coach me. I can only recommend him for his patience, his ability to listen, his tips, his desire. I appreciated the progressiveness of the coaching and the interactivity of the support offered by Florian. Thanks to him, I unlocked a situation allowing me to embark on a new project. Thanks Florian.

To achieve your goals / dreams, it is important to understand how our brain works in order to make an ally of it. For this I suggest you listen to episode 39 of my singular podcast where I explain the 9 rules of the mind 👇👇

As a coach, it is my mission to accompany you in order to restore the role of your brain: to orchestrate the success of your projects and your dreams.

How? 'Or' What? By reprogramming your brain by updating the blockages as well as the beliefs from the past that limit you in the development of your full potential.

I invite you to take back control of your life! It's not up to your brain to tell you what to do, it's up to you to take responsibility, and thus tell your brain what you want.

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Merci pour votre envoi !